Peak tourism body calls for funding to remain in the South

Destination Southern Tasmania (DST) is calling on the Federal Government to ensure the funding originally committed to the redevelopment of the Cadbury’s Hobart plant stays in southern Tasmania.

The peak tourism body for southern Tasmania was supportive of the funding identified for the redevelopment of Cadbury’s including the construction of a new visitor centre to accommodate large tour groups and enhance tourist experiences.

“This project would have had considerable social and economic impacts for the greater Hobart region and beyond.

Whilst it is disappointing it is no longer proceeding, we request that the funding allocated to the project remain in Tasmania and honour the original intention of the grant which was to support the development of tourism and jobs in greater Hobart and the southern region,” said Melinda Anderson, Destination Southern Tasmania CEO.

DST suggests that the $16m in funding could form the basis of a tourism innovation round of grants specifically for southern Tasmania, with the criteria developed to support the rationale underpinning the original Cadbury’s grant.

“The Destination Management Plan for southern Tasmania outlines the key priority tourism development areas for the region including the infrastructure needs in greater Hobart to meet demand and the development of quality experiences to drive visitor dispersal and yield to maximise the benefits of tourism to local communities,” said Ms Anderson.

Southern Tasmania is the gateway to the state, attracting 80 per cent of visitors to Tasmania. It is the base for 50 per cent of Tasmania’s tourism businesses.

“It is vital that government and industry work together to deliver the required industry development and capacity building to ensure that southern Tasmania continues to thrive and grow sustainably,” said Ms Anderson.

Media enquiries: Melinda Anderson Phone 0400 457 132

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