Rising Star (Age 32 and Under)

Recognising younger members of our industry who are breathing new life into the region. This is an opportunity to highlight the work the nominee has done to improve the performance of a business, either back of house or on the front line, and their contribution to the regional tourism industry.

Please note: Nominees must be an employee of or operator of a DST member business at the time of the award presentation.

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  • Nominations can be received from anyone, and self-nominations are strongly encouraged.
  • Entrants can be any kind of business that support tourism in our region and can include any industry such as: accommodation, attractions, events, tours, information services, arts, transport, retail businesses, wineries and other food/beverage operations.
  • Activities described in award submissions must have taken place during the period from January 2017 to December 2017.
  • Applicants can enter multiple categories but may only submit one entry per category.
  • All applications must be made online using the relevant form (on this page).
  • Deadline for submissions: Midnight, 8 April, 2018



  • Identify the nominator and nominee and their email addresses
  • Identify the business where the nominee works (must be a DST member business)
  • Provide a brief overview of the nominee’s role(s) in the tourism industry. This should be their professional role, however it may be appropriate to also list any relevant board positions, mentorships, committee participation, etc. if they further support the nomination. If the primary tourism achievement of the nominee is in a voluntary capacity, please nominate in the Starlight category.
  • How has the nominee exceeded the expectations of their role? (100 words)
  • How did the work of the nominee improve business outcomes and the workplace more generally? (100 words)
  • What impact has the nominee had on regional tourism in southern Tasmania? (100 words)
  • Supporting documentation: you may attach up to three files which support the submission. They may be formal letters of support, testimonials, reviews, awards, visitor book comments, news articles or general feedback. You may also upload an image if you think it’s appropriate.
    HINT: any supporting evidence will improve your submission; just make sure it’s relevant to the submission.

Sorry, nominations are now closed.