Nova (New Business)

This award is for anyone who started a business, new service or not-for-profit operation in 2016. The business doesn’t have to be specifically a tourist operation, but the submission will need to show how it enhance the visitors experience in the region.

Please note: nominees must be DST members at the time of the award presentation

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We have put together a checklist (below) so that you can collect all the elements of your nomination before you start your online submission. Once you have all the information, entering it on the form below is a quick and easy process.  If you have any queries please contact the DST team on 6223 5650.

Nova (new business):

This category is about showcasing new businesses in the south that have enhanced the visitor experience in the region. It does not necessarily have to be a tourism operation; it may be a supporting service. The focus here is how the introduction of this business made a difference to tourism in a local area or the wider region.

  • Identify business being nominated and the primary contact for the business. You will need to note the business address, type of business, are they accredited, do they belong to a local tourism association, number of FTE staff and when the business started. Nominees must be members of DST to qualify for entry.
  • In no more than 300 words, please describe how the business enhances the experience for visitors to southern Tasmania
  • Letters of support – you can attach up to three letters of reference that support the submission

Download the Nomination Checklist as a PDF

  • Nominations can be received from anyone, and self-nominations are strongly encouraged.
  • Entrants can be any kind of business that support tourism in our region and can include any industry such as: accommodation, attractions, events, tours, information services, arts, transport, retail businesses, wineries and other food/beverage operations.
  • Activities described in award submissions must have taken place during the period from January 2016 to December 2016.
  • Applicants can enter multiple categories but may only submit one entry per category.
  • All applications must be made online using the relevant form (on this page).
  • Deadline for submissions: 5pm, 6 March, 2017

Sorry, nominations are now closed.