Contact Us

For enquiries please phone or email:

(03) 6223 5650

Mailing address:
PO Box 184,

Office address:
Level 2, 13-17 Castray Esplanade
Hobart TAS 7000

Please note: The DST team is doing some work from home and some from the office, so the office may be unattended at times. We love visitors, but if you really need to see us, best to call ahead to make sure the person you need is available.

Directions to the office (we can be hard to find!):

When on Castray Esplanade, enter via the black-framed glass doors (image below) between Kosaten and the Despard Gallery. Head to the back of the foyer and take the elevator to level 2. Take a left out of the elevator and you’ll come to some fire doors with a doorbell on the left hand side. Hit the doorbell and we’ll come and let you in.

When on Castray Esplanade, you’ll find an alley between Kosaten Japanese restaurant and Salamanca Wharf Cafe (with the white umbrellas on the street). Head all the way up the metal stairs at the back of the alley, then turn right down past the chain link fence. You’ll find some glass doors halfway along the pathway (image below, at bottom) – ring the doorbell on the left of the doors and we’ll come and let you in.

Staff contact details are included with profiles under About Us.

Front Door

Back Door

(enter walkway at right of image)