John Fitzgerald

Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Tasmania

Tourism Tasmania is a proud supporter of Destination Southern Tasmania. Regional tourism is vital to growing Tasmania’s visitor economy and dispersing its benefits throughout the state. Destination Southern Tasmania works hard for its members and stakeholders to help increase visitor awareness of the rich tourism offerings in all parts of the region. This encourages visitors to stay longer and spend more while they are in the state.

Since its inception, Destination Southern Tasmania has delivered many benefits to tourism operators and councils, including brand development, marketing, and guidance in working with the cruise industry. With the support of the Tasmanian Government, it also coordinates destination action plans, allowing communities to participate in shaping their local visitor economy.

The activities of Destination Southern Tasmania complement the work of Tourism Tasmania and the Department of State Growth. We hope the tourism industry in Southern Tasmania will join us in giving it their full support.

Vincent Barron

Board Director, Barron Associates

In 2012 the tourism industry was presented with the opportunity of forming a new regional industry body. The establishment of Destination Southern Tasmania has provided us with the opportunity of harnessing the resources of more than 600 businesses, eleven councils, and the State Government through Tourism Tasmania and the Department of State Growth, and of contributing to the tourism experience we offer in this region and the way it is presented to potential visitors.

Since its inception Destination Southern Tasmania has consolidated its leadership role, enlisted contributions from a wide representation of industry operators and coordinated the regional tourism activities of local government, all with the intention of boosting the overall visitor economy.

The region is enjoying continued growth in visitors and is now focussed on their movement throughout the region and the quality of the experience offered to them.

A renewal of marketing strategies for various local destinations and the introduction of Destination Action Plans for each identified district in the region will be accompanied by a Visitor Engagement Strategy to seamlessly guide visitors around the State in ways that increase the quality of their experience.

These initiatives are significant steps in assisting local industry operators to work together with their Councils and the State Government to improve the visitor experience and boost the visitor economy.

There is no doubt DST’s renewed partnership with Tourism Tasmania and the Department of State Growth has greatly enhanced the coordinated approach to attract more visitors, increase their length of stay, particularly outside the cities and provide more quality experiences to help increase the profitability of our tourism operators.

Your continued membership support will help Destination Southern Tasmania to be successful in achieving these objectives.