May 2023


Destination Southern Tasmania today welcomed the launch of the “Pride Bus” on International Day Against LGBTQI+ Discrimination.

Destination Southern Tasmania CEO Alex Heroys said the Pride Bus was an excellent initiative of SkyBus and Kinetic.

“The importance of fostering inclusion and supporting diversity in the tourism sector cannot be overstated,” Mr Heroys said.

“As we serve a global and diverse clientele, we understand and respect the spectrum of identities, perspectives, and experiences they bring. 

“Embracing these diverse backgrounds enriches our service, fosters innovation, and creates a welcoming environment for all travellers.”

Mr Heroys said in Southern Tasmania, a region renowned for its beauty, hospitality, and diverse attractions, inclusivity is more than just a business strategy.

“Inclusivity is a social responsibility that resonates deeply with our values. By championing diversity, we help ensure that every individual, regardless of their identity or orientation, feels seen, valued, and welcomed.”

Mr Heroys said the Pride Bus serves as a moving symbol to the LGBTQI+ community, and a colourful reminder that everyone is welcome aboard.

“It mirrors the vibrant diversity of our community and passengers, painting a picture of a future where travel is free from prejudice and discrimination.

“We could not be more supportive or proud for Kinetic and SkyBus of this initiative, which we know is close to their heart.”

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