Mona Foma 2021

Gear up for Mona Foma!

Destination Southern Tasmania (DST) and Mona Foma are working together to support industry  in leveraging the festival when it comes to Hobart.

What is it?
Mona Foma is coming to Hobart on 22 – 24 January 2021. As such, we want to welcome them with our usual Tassie style and give visitors a little extra something to do on the side.

What can I do?
We’re challenging you to come up with some activation to leverage the festival. With a fully Tasmanian line up for Mona Foma, this festival is completely home grown, so DST are challenging you to get creative around an all Tasmanian menu/product. OR, the Mona Foma colours are outrageously vibrant, so you might like to create something with them (through food, drink, themes or otherwise). 

Anything in it for me?
Glad you asked! If you do an activation in some way, DST will be creating an engaging map to share on our channels and help visitors find you. You will also have your business listed on the Mona Foma website! 

Who should I tell?
Tell us! Register in the form below so that we can include your listing in our marketing activity!

When should I start?
Registration period is from 3 December 2020. 

DST will be featuring the most creative, quirky and fantastical activations on our social media platforms, so if you want to get shared, you’ll need to tag #hobartandbeyond and register below!

Share your photographs on Instagram and Facebook, and tag away:
Instagram: @monafoma @hobartandbeyond,
#monafoma #hobartandbeyond

Let your friends know!

For more social media guidelines, you’ll find the full 2021 Mona Foma style guide HERE.

Mona Foma

Mona Foma Activation Registration