Mona Industry Campaign 2019-2020

Destination Southern Tasmania is joining forces with Mona to enable the tourism industry in Tasmania to partner with the museum. This is an opportunity to work together and to give our industry a much greater exposure thanks to Mona.

Benefits of being in the Mona Sutra this year include:

  • A detailed listing of your property or offering written by a Mona in-house writer which will appear on its own page in the ‘Stay’ section of the Mona website – either under ‘Tasmanian Accommodation’ or ‘Tasmanian Experiences’;
  • A secondary sharing URL, such as – perfect for marketing;
  • A map showing your business’s proximity to Mona and Brooke Street Pier;
  • A direct link to your business’s website;
  • Increased SEO (more search words than you can poke a stick at!)
  • Exclusive access to sell museum entry tickets at a discounted price until the end of the campaign period;
  • Regular opportunities to update your Mona web listing;
  • Custom dashboard tracking so you can check up on your stats;
  • Six free Moorilla winery or Moo Brewery tour vouchers to offer to your customers (or keep them all to yourself – you deserve a treat!).

Curious? Want to see the dirty details? Click here to read the Mona Industry Partnership Pitch 2019/20.