NEW – TCCI Membership

The TCCI brings even greater value to your DST membership

We are delighted to announce DST’s membership of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI). At a time when every business is grappling with change, the TCCI offers a range of resources that deliver practical and relevant support to help you adapt and move forward with your business operations. In particular, we have identified an industry need relating to Human Resources, OH&S and Workplace Relations, and this partnership can assist our members to access help in this area.

What does this mean for you?

Destination Southern Tasmania has joined the TCCI at a level that gives you, our members, access to a range of services. As a DST member, you will receive a subsidiary base level membership of the TCCI (equivalent to their Basics Membership). Subsidiary member benefits include:
The price for this level of membership is usually $399, but as a DST member, you receive access to all these services for FREE. You are also able to access the TCCI help line, Buy Something Tasmanian website and assistance with the Train Now Fund.
To access TCCI member services, particularly for Workplace Relations support, you will need to identify yourself as a DST member and provide a few details about yourself and your business, so that your membership can be verified.
TCCI COVID-19 Business Hotline – 1300 559 112 (FREE SERVICE)
Questions or concerns about COVID-19?
TCCI is providing a free Business Hotline for all Tasmanian businesses, members and non members. Call 1300 559 112.