Tourism Australia’s National Experience Content Initiative

In this financial year, Tourism Australia has sourced additional funding to directly support the tourism industry via a nationwide content creation project.  As we all know – a picture tells a thousand words – and this funding will be utilised to provide selected tourism operators with a suite of brand new images and video to promote these exceptional experiences.

The National Experience Content Initiative (NECI) is a nationwide industry support program funded by Tourism Australia (TA), with additional support provided by the State and Territory Organisations (STOs) in partnership with the Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs).

Research recently conducted with AirBnB revealed the importance of high quality photos to stand out in search results and online bookings. Photos and videos are a powerful tool to tell a story and attract potential customers. Creating these with nationally recognised photographers and videographers can be expensive and time consuming for individual operators to activate. This project was therefore established to create a pool of funding for each state, to support a broad range of tourism operators to show and tell their product via a coordinated national approach.

It is a shared position between TA and the STOs that the strength of our tourism industry will require strong marketing assets of product, Australia wide, that are contemporary and relevant to the post Covid traveller. Furthermore, we need to share new assets and stories with trade and media partners as efficiently as possible before borders re-open, so they too are ready to amplify our stories.

A maximum allocation of operators & subsequent funding has been determined for each state & their RTO. The outcome for each operator is:

  • An individual shoot with a content creator (video & images)
  • 100 minimum images- 40 enhanced & retouched images
  • Mixture of portrait & landscape orientation for use on websites & / or social media
  • Mixture of wide & tight shots
  • Minimum of 10 minutes B Roll video footage
  • One minute edited video of best of images to showcase the offering.  Features interview with best ‘storyteller’ for the Operator
  • A range of music options will be provided
  • Sample questions & story board will be worked through with each operator.

To support this program, Tourism Tasmania and the RTOs will collaborate with Tourism Australia to deliver this. This includes on ground logistic support for the shoot, support where necessary in regards to Talent and subsequent support in not only cataloguing the entire Tasmanian suite of content within Tourism Tasmania’s system – but also to support you in how to best use this content delivered to you. Filming of this activity will take place anytime from September to May/June 2022.

Tourism Australia and Tourism Tasmania would use this content across a variety of channels, some examples would be for media / PR, campaign activity, training (upskilling travel trade and other partners in our experiences), travel trade events.  How would you use these great new assets?

Below is an example of a one minute edited video of best of images to showcase the offering, featuring an interview with best ‘storyteller’ for the Operator:

To be in the running to be a recipient of this program – please submit your EOI for consideration by your RTO together with Tourism Tasmania.

Submission period close Sunday 5th of September.

For questions – please contact


  • Tasmanian based tourism operator/experience (Accommodation options are excluded from this initiative)
  • Business has an active listing on ATDW
  • Business aligns to at least one TA brand pillars (natural beauty, food & drink, wildlife & culture).
  • Business drives consumer demand for visitation
  • Business has an active website &/or strong social media presence (or shows strong potential to develop this).
  • Product/attraction/experience will be available for filming from September/October 2021 onwards
  • The expectation is that there will be no charge to the filming crew/TTAS or RTOs for the tours/experiences participating in the initiative.