Western Wilds

image: Pierre Destribats

Start to tell the wilderness story…

The Western Wilds is a journey of discovery through powerful wilderness stories of western Tasmania, that will compel more travellers to explore western Tasmania; to stay longer and to spend more.

The Western Wilds will be famous as the iconic Tasmanian Wilderness Journey, and the success of the Western Wilds can be elevated by the level of local industry and community engagement in its activation.

These tools have been developed to assist you to get started in this activation and includes:


Western Wilds Brand – Getting Started

Western Wilds is all about discovery and the road less travelled.  The compass logo tells a story about what makes us unique but also plays on the idea that there is only one direction to go: West.  We want travellers to get familiar with the brand and what it stands for. The materials in the brand pack can be used in a number of ways to create a bond with travellers and encourage them to spread the word:

  • Apply the car sticker to your car and share the word as you journey far and wide
  • Apply the decal in your business window so people can see you are part of the Western Wilds, or
  • Apply stickers where you feel they will have high visibility i.e. your marketing collateral stands, in room compendiums, and menus.

Another great way to spread the story of the Western Wilds is to add the logo to your existing brand communications: your marketing collateral, brochures, website and social media platforms.